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About Christene Jackson

Christene Jackson is the owner of Intentional Synergy and is a trained special educator and educational leader who runs a life coaching and personal/professional development training company, a real estate investing company and an e-commerce site. Christene writes a blog on success and motivation and is in the process of completing her second book. She offers online coaching programs and training in the areas of parenting, personal growth and development, small business development and she takes great pride in her series on supporting children with special needs through the educational process. Learn more about Intentional Synergy at


Perseverance - steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Picture this...I woke up and decided to work for four hours and at noon, head out on a much-needed bike ride.  I’m a

Meditation and Motivation

The idea of meditation and motivation seem a bit contradictory.  After all, meditation, by definition, is slowing down and spending peaceful time looking within and motivation inspires action.  So, how can the two of these

Communication Barriers – Why Communication Fails?

We live in a fast paced world of constant communication.  We have more ways to communicate with people than we have ever experienced throughout history.  While this has many advantages, the influx of modes of