Jeremy Meyer

Jeremy Meyer is the creator of LifeEvolvingEveryDay.com. He suffered a lot in the first 30 years of his life. By the time he got to high school…he’d been through eight moves and being bullied repeatedly. Plus his mom had already remarried twice. This caused him to have major insecurities, fear and social anxiety for most of his life. Even still, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then moved cross country to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. After many years pushing this career he thought he wanted, he felt completely stuck. Along the way, he become increasingly interested in personal development and spirituality. This lead to various small shifts in his personal awareness and confidence. At 32 years old, he felt he’d come a long way. But he was still stuck in a crap job and constantly going to acting auditions that rarely panned out. Deep down he knew he needed to find a new career path… but what? His discovery of ayahuasca gave him hope for new answers. He ended up traveled to Peru to attend an ayahuasca retreat. This was truly the most transformative and powerfully impactful experience of his life. It massively shifted his consciousness and allowed him to see himself and the world around him in new magnificent ways. He has since developed true passion for increasingly learning about what it really means to be a human, how to evolve and grow on an individual basis and how to become as aware, authentic and empowered as possible. And he decided to help others attain similar internal shifts in their lives without going to the extreme of an ayahuasca ceremony. Now Jeremy is a certified life coach who is focused on helping people become awesomely authentic while creating success on their own terms. Check out LifeEvolvingEveryDay.com for more information.