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Hi everyone and welcome to my website. This site is all about the sports betting tip. Whether or not you are an experienced sports gambler or newbie, this site should be somewhat helpful to you. Before I get to the tips, I just want to define a few sports gambling terms that people sometimes get confused. First, a parlay is when you split your bet between several different games. All of your bets must win for you to win.

You are probably asking yourself “Can you get rich off sports betting?”. This type of better can bring big money, but as with everything, bigger return = bigger risk. Another type of bet is a teaser. This is a special type of parlay that requires you to adjust the point spread or total of each bet. The price of moving the point spread (teasing) is lower pay off odds.

Another common sports gambling term is steam. This is when the line moves rapidly, this is usually caused by a large number of betters entering the game and changing the odds/rules by doing so. OK, that’s enough of an encyclopedia beat down on your mind. Now for some great sports betting tips.

Always learn as much as you can bout the game in question; the players, coaches, weather, etc, and don’t ever let your emotions get involved in the process. Don’t chase your losses just because you can’t stand to lose money. Sunk costs are a term used in finance.

They are gone and should never be included in your future betting decision. Also, record-keeping is essential to be successful at betting sports. To refine your betting predictions, you must analyze your past results. Data mining software and statistical analysis software can help you look for trends hiding behind the data. This is more for the sports gambling veteran; there are many sports betting services that can help you with this.

Sports betting strategies

My last post had a sports betting tip after tip. In this post, I will share some more great sports betting strategies. If you want to use online betting sites make sure to be careful because there are a lot of sports betting scam sites out there. One type of scam is called phishing.

When you go to a site, it might be a look-a-like site that is just created to fool you and take your money. Make sure the website address in the address bar is 100% correct to be certain that you are on the right site.

With that said, here are some great ideas to keep in mind when taking part in gambling online sports. Point spreads are created not by the game stats in question as much as the public opinion of the future outcome. It is this perceived foresight that sometimes skews the line in favor of the popular mass media information that is fed to the average idiot watching TV all day.

Don’t be a square (newbie to sports gambling);, if you always bet on the underdog, I bet you might just make a nice bit of money over time just from the spread created by popular public opinion.

Take that advice with a grain of salt, I was exaggerating, but the idea is not that crazy. Earlier I mentioned not to let your emotions take over.

This is especially important when you encounter the all so unpleasant losing streak. If you gamble long enough, even with the best sports betting information, you will eventually have a losing streak, and it is important not to let it toy with your head.

It is just these types of lows that help mold the best professional sports gamblers. Don’t wager your soul to gambling, it’s not worth it trust me. Just keep in mind that money is not everything and that life is too short to be worried about winning every single bet, which is statistically impossible by the way.

Well, that is it for this post, make sure to check out my next post on the best tip I ever got. But if you’re in a hurry make sure you go here to check out some insight from the legendary John Morrison.


Hi guys and welcome back. In my last post, we went over the sports betting tip that I want to elaborate on before I tell you about the best sports gambling tip I ever got. The scams out on the internet are endless. Always make sure that the website you are gambling on is a reputable established site. Just a few great online betting sites to get you started are,, and

These are the top three that I use all the time. Ok, on to the best tip I ever received on sports betting strategies. About a year ago my friend told me about a pretty cool website that helps novice gamblers learn the ropes. You can access the website by clicking this link Sports Betting Champ. The creator of this site is one of the best sports gamblers in the world. He is an Ivy League graduate from Cornell and has a Ph.D. in statistics.

His sports betting services are second to none. If you are looking for higher-level information than his website is the place to get it. Alright, before I end this post, I want to share a few more sport betting tips with you.

Never bet on your favorite teams because your decision can be skewed by your love of your home team. Here is an interesting little tip, try to learn as much as you can about the smaller less researched schools, this way you have an edge over the bookies.

Big schools are always well researched, making it hard to “outplay” the other people, but smaller schools are the perfect target for your research time and energy. You can even become known as an expert and sell your knowledge to gambling sites! Just make sure that you use a beard (a friend to place the bets for you ) when you bet on these teams you know so well because bookies don’t like to lose money.


The league’s executive vice president for business operations Eric Grubman has said that a time limit for when games would be canceled without a collective bargaining agreement has not been set.

Between the conference championships and Super Bowl, the 2011 schedule includes room to scheme with byes and the week. To potentially hold the Super Bowl a week later, the NFL also has a deal with host Indianapolis.

Earlier this week, the two sides took a break from conciliation and will not reconvene until May 16. Before then, to lift the lockout, U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson is expected to decide on the players’ demand.

Grubman said that they would pull every lever that they can within their flexibility or can spot to make that happen. He added that they intend to play a full season.

On an appeal by the players for a preliminary injunction to halt the lockout, .S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson did not issue a ruling. That ruling could come Monday. At an April 6 hearing in St. Paul, Minn, Nelson had said that she anticipated making the ruling in a couple of weeks.

A league spokesman said that from implementing its investigation into an unfair labor practice charge by the league against the dissolved players’ union, the NFL believes the National Labor Relations Board is a month to six weeks. To complete its investigation before ruling on the players’ injunction request, the NFL has urged Nelson to wait for the NLRB. Against the dissolved union based on the league’s charge, it is not clear if the NLRB will issue a complaint.


This is an intriguing but open race with no proven form. However, the betting may be a very good indicator of an improved effort from a couple of juveniles and Richard Hannon’s debutantes should always be respected at Goodwood.

Richard Hannon has sent some of his best two-year-old prospects to make their debut at Goodwood and featured a 20% strike rate in recent years. Crown Dependency is the more fancied in the betting on the exchanges. This son of Acclamation cost £65,000. Their other representative, Airbourne Again, is owned by Kennet Valley Thoroughbreds and cost 40,000gns. Similarly sired by Acclamation out of the talented mare Bunditten who won on debut for Andrew Reid, and a horse I remember fondly. Logic would suggest that Hughes (riding the former) is the most forward although Hannon can often fray the nerves of his supporters with second strings prevailing. It would be no surprise to see one of these two run a big race.

Mark Johnston has hit form this month with a couple of juvenile winners. Drummoynewas relatively fancied on debut but went badly right from the stalls as a consequence of being on the outside birth. From that point, this chestnut colt by Street Cry had little chance. Mid-race Drummoyne made progress and looked to hold some chance but the start took its toll and against a competitive field he faltered. It is worth noting he has been entered to run in a stakes race that holds an engagement for the Phoenix Stakes (Group 1). Johnston often sends some of his better juveniles to Goodwood and features fair win and place claims with his fancied two-year-olds on their second start.

The two most interesting juveniles about the betting are Arabian Falcon and Ewell Place.

Arabian Falcon is an attractive son of Dutch Art who ran in a competitive heat at Newbury were several of those competitors have gone on to win. This colt was unfancied but then backed quite substantially before the off. Dwyer [jockey] rode this juvenile to gain experience and probably waiting for the first of the 6f races to begin. The form is fair without being anything special. However, what we have to try and assess is the likely improvement. There is little doubt this 36,000euro purchase will progress and it could be marked. Owned by Jaber Abdullah, a fair strike rate at the course has been entered to run at stakes level are all positives. Meehan has a very good win and place rate with his juveniles on their second start. There are many reasons to consider a big run is on the cards today. However, there is always a slight concern when trying to assume likely improvement. It is certainly a far cry from the proven form and that always brings caution. On balance, I would consider Arabian Falcon will go well today and has place claims.

Ewell Park was plunged in the deep end when competing at Ascot in stakes where the first and second are held in high regard and bound for Royal Ascot. It is difficult to assess this youngster but Mills is a very talented trainer. The betting is the key to this gelding’s chances. if priced 13/2 & less (SP) expect a big run.

Conclusion: All of these juveniles have something to prove but conversely a number has the potential to go well. Hannon often sends talented juveniles to Goodwood – one of his pairs will run a big race, Arabian Falcon is likely to improve and has sound each-way claims, while Ewell Park would be a solid hope if well backed & Drommoyne must be respected. Intriguing.


Congratulations you have already picked and have a fantasy basketball draft locked in. Were you able to choose well? Do you think the NBA team you have picked this season will boost your ranking to number 1? Well, we hope so. However choosing the right fantasy basketball draft is only the beginning of the battle, you should be active during NBA season as well with monitoring and analyzing. All great fantasy basketball managers are working hard not just on creating a fantasy basketball draft but doing intense monitoring as well so that they can improve their teams; here are the tips they have for you which we gathered and listed…

Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Tips To Follow During NBA Season # 1 Act on your gut feel. Once you are done with your fantasy basketball draft you will soon discover once you take a glance at your players if you need to improve the draft. Follow that gut feel (which is based on intense research and data gathering we assume) and act quickly, there are still ways you can change your fantasy basketball draft.

Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Tips To Follow During NBA Season # 2 Look at the free agents. If the free agents have potential and you think he can help your draft improve, well grab that free agent!

Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Tips To Follow During NBA Season # 3 Go into trading with other fantasy basketball managers. If you feel strongly about changing your draft do not be shy, you can always scout the league and swap with other fantasy basketball owners. Some owners may deem a player in their draft weak and would want to trade that player. You on the other hand may need that player’s numbers to crank up your team so haggle and see if you exchange weak players or excessive players in your draft for that particular player.

Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Tips To Follow During NBA Season # 4 When making trades or replacing players for free agents make sure you do not create holes in your fantasy basketball team. Always make sure that each NBA position is filled and you have backups (and back up of those backups) to keep your team’s performance.

Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Tips To Follow During NBA Season # 5 Great fantasy basketball managers monitor the game constantly. If you want to be a great fantasy basketball manager then you must always be monitoring too and be critical about it. Research, monitor, and knowledge are what separates winners from losers in the team.

Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Tips To Follow During NBA Season # 6 Free agents can rise on top and be a great performer in the middle of the season. Keep your eye on these players!


How To Do Backhand In Tennis- Tips and tricks on how to do backhand in tennis? The backhand usually the problem shot for most people after they learn how to do a forehand but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of little things one can do to adjust his stroke to make his backhand as beautiful and accurate as players like Federer, Gasquet, and Nalbandian. I’m going to discuss how to do backhand in tennis with the one-handed backhand because it is in my opinion a little more rewarding.

1. Prepare as early as possible. This means that as soon as you even think the ball will come to your backhand, get your racket back and feet into position using the proper grip which is the eastern backhand grip.

2. Face sides ways parallel to the sidelines every time you prepare and hit the shot. This is because you cannot properly direct the shot where you want if you are facing forward and the natural movement of you hitting arm (assuming you’re right-handed) is to hit towards the right or crosscourt. If you’re facing forward, you can very easily hit the ball way out to the right.

3. Hit the ball slightly in front of your body, not to the side of your body. I cannot express the importance of this one tip enough. Try to make contact with the ball about half a foot to a foot in front of you. If you hit the ball too late (at the side of your body or even further back) you’ll hit the net, if you hit too early (more than a foot in front of you) you’ll hit the ball out.

4. At the moment of impact, you should be leaning into the shot with most or all of your weight on the front foot. This tip helps you generate pace and keeps you balanced while helping to contact the ball in front of you.

5. Always, always follow through around your shoulder. This ensures that you controlling the ball better and are not hitting the ball weakly.

6. At the moment of impact slight close, your racket faces about 45 degrees. This is done very quickly and almost split second by a slight clockwise turning of the wrist. This is probably the most advanced tip I can give. Once you have the basics down you should try this because it helps you get the ball over the net by just inches which is what you’re aiming for. When you play very high-level matches where you hit the ball very hard and flat you’re going to have to clear the net by just a few inches to ensure the ball doesn’t go out. This is how you do it.

7. Keep your wrist locked at the moment of impact. Because the one-handed backhand can be so heavy at times people have a habit of hitting the ball loosely because it’s more comfortable and less heavy. This is fine to do in preparation but at the moment of contact with the ball lock your wrist firmly on the racket to ensure you keep control of the ball.

8. Practice how to do backhand in tennis at least for one hour every day when weather permits. If you have the luxury of a handball or racketball court in your area to practice how to do backhand in tennis it’s even better because you don’t need a hitting partner. I promise you that within one week of doing this you’ll improve and within one month you’ll wanna thank me.